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Welcome to Peace Lutheran Church. Come and see what we're doing or contact us to join one of our activities. We have a wide range of activities for different age groups and interests and we welcome all who love the Lord to join us in ministry and worship. Sunday worship is at 9:00 am every week at 85 Spencer Street, Gatton.

Discussion Paper

The leadership of Peace Church is seeking comment from its members on some suggestions for repositioning the church and its ministry for future impact.

Suggestions include:

  • A restructuring of our church’s organisations
  • A renewed and targeted investment in ministry which includes, but is not limited to, the appointment of a chaplain within the ministry area of Peace Haven/Anuha.
  • Development of a new office and ministry complex within the church campus
  • Development of a unified housing ministry which will oversee the development of the properties on Spencer Street.

You can download our discussion paper by clicking on the image above.

Click here to see how we are embracing the challenge to rebuild our worship facilities, our purpose, and ourselves.

Rebuilding Our Church

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