You have three options for financially supporting Peace Lutheran Church Gatton

Option 1 - Pay Online Using Credit Card

You can donate directly to Peace Church using your credit card via our secure service provided by the Lutheran Laypersons League (LLL) if you CLICK HERE. Please use reference: "Annual Appeal", "Offering" or "Donation"

Option 2 - Regular Automatic Deductions

Looking for a way to make weekly giving easier?

REG (Regular Electronic Giving) is the answer. Sign Up Today!

  • REG is a convenient, safe and confidential way of giving a regular offering to your congregation.

  • Your REG offering can come from your bank, credit union or LLL account.

  • You can set up REG to coincide with your regular income (eg salary, pension, dividends) or budget: weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or even half-early.

  • REG keeps things confidential. Your congregation doesn't receive any information regarding your identity or the amount of your offering.

How REG benefits you

  • No need to remember to bring cash to church.

  • If you are away from church, your offering is still made.

  • You can apply 'first fruits' principles.

How REG benefits your congregation

  • It provides a regular income or cash flow, making budgeting easier.

  • It can increase giving through the convenience of direct debits.

  • It is safer because there is less cash to handle and bank each week

Option 3 - Bank Deposit

You can deposit directly into our bank account using the following information

BSB: 084-657

Account Number: 50-872-5782

Reference: "Annual Appeal", "Offering" or "Donation"